Microdosing of Iboga – a prototype tool for consciousness-hacking and its neuropharmacological implications

Monday, October 3, 2022, 18:15 - 19:45, University of Zurich, KOL H-317

Tobias Erny
Executive Director and Board Member for the Global Iboga Therapy Alliance

Microdosing of Iboga has since long been used by African tribes as a prototype tool for consciousness hacking. Current findings confirm and endorse this ancient wisdom and point to new pharmacological implications. This talk will shed light upon the mechanism of action of Iboga microdosing and will highlight the beneficial effects on Parkinson's Disease (PD). A protocol developed by the Global Iboga Therapy Alliance in collaboration with the Beckley Foundation shows how small doses of Iboga alkaloids are able to alleviate the symptoms of PD and improve the quality of life.

Tobias Erny has experienced the curative power of Iboga in 2006, he began to delve deeply into research and work with the "sacred wood". Besides helping others to decode its ancient wisdom, he wrote the German-language standard reference on Iboga, organises conferences and is active as networker, facilitator, consultant and speaker. Currently he serves as executive director and board member for the Global Iboga Therapy Alliance and helps coordinating the Ibogaine program of the Beckley Foundation in Oxford. Besides his activities in Europe & Mexico, he is initiated into the Dissoumba-Fang Tradition and works with different villages and tribes in Gabon to preserve the cultural heritage of Bwiti and the sustainable sourcing of Iboga alkaloids.