Psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy in End of Life Existential Distress


Dr. med. Michael Ljuslin
Senior Physician, Department of Rehabilitation and Palliative Medicine, Geneva University Hospitals

In the past two decades, after extensive research about the possible harmful effects, clinical research on the potential therapeutic uses of classic hallucinogens has resumed, focusing mainly on conditions for which current recommended treatment have low efficacy or none. LSD and psilocybin assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of anxio-depression syndrome including fear of death in people suffering from terminal illnesses has shown results that appear very promising. This ­lecture aims to give an overview of the current research in end of life distress and theories ­underlying the putative therapeutic mechanisms of action, including pharmacological, ­psychological and spiritual aspects.

All public events outside the regular university curriculum scheduled to take place on the premises of UZH, have been canceled due to the corona pandemic.