Fieldwork with psychedelic medicines: From safe spaces in festivals to modern self-care rituals

Monday, November 25, 18:30 - 19:45, University of Zurich, KO2-F-150 (PLEASE NOTE DIFFERENT LECTURE HALL)

Svea Nielsen, MA
Psychologist, Master in Ethnopsychiatry

This presentation will focus on different types of services and self-care protocols involving psychedelic medicines, that have been developed in recent years on the sidelines of the prohibitionist era we are currently in. Psychedelics consumption is widespread in electronic music festivals and some of these events have responded by setting up psychedelic emergency areas. Elsewhere, at academic seminars on psychedelic research and therapy, "safe spaces" are set up, as well as "family corners" where the issue of "parenting and psychedelics" can be discussed. Finally, we will open the debate on the subject of rituals that need to be reinvented for a post-prohibitionist world, where these medicines can once again fulfill their role as catalysts and rites of passage.

Svea Nielsen, psychologist, master in ethnopsychiatry. Has worked many years in psychedelic emergency services at transformational festivals. Since 2014, she facilitates various types of psychedelic therapy in Latin America and Portugal.